YouthTeachUSA and the Knowledge-Builders pathway

YouthTeachUSA is a new national challenge and recognition program for K-12 students who teach others.

The program is ready for you and your students. Click here to download our YouthTeachUSA overview brochure and learn more.

Go to the Bookstore to purchase startup materials that support Level 1 of the Knowledge-Builders pathway. Other materials will be available soon.

We're also looking for a YouthTeachUSA Trailblazer School District to field test Knowledge-Builders Level 1--free materials and consultations. Call us at 314-974-1752 if interested. There will need to be a lead teacher, a multi-grade-level group of willing professionals, and at least one supportive district-level administrator.

The Knowledge-Builders manuals support five levels and kids can start at any age: Peer Helper, Peer Leader, Peer Academic Mentor, Peer Teacher, Future Professional Educator. Every level of the Knowledge-Builders pathway contains age- and stage-appropriate teaching challenges for K-12 students. A Student Handbook accompanies each of the Five Levels. The Teacher's Manual shows some of the Student Handbook pages.

By traveling the Knowledge-Builders pathway K-12 students will:

  • Have valuable guided experiences in teaching
  • Gain repeated opportunities to help peers learn
  • Test their interest and effectiveness in teaching
  • Practice skills that enrich their lives whether or not they enter teaching as a career
  • Experience success as they grow in teaching skills
  • Receive local and national recognition supported by certificates and awards
  • Build stronger resumés for college and job applications
  • Add Important supporters in letters of recommendation
  • Participate in peer teaching, a respected and valued public community-building service

Students who teach well build success in all their interactions regardless of their ultimate occupations. Many will be parents one day. And as the saying goes: "Parents are a child's first and most important teachers."

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