What Partners Do

Hoenny Center Professional Partners notice individual differences in the teaching abilities of their preK-12 students and are excited about developing these abilities further. Here's how you can contribute:

  1. Observe students teaching other students and log your observations.
  2. Share observations, teaching tips, and insights about the peer teaching of your students with us.
  3. Develop materials and processes to improve your students' peer teaching and share them with us.
  4. Contribute to new research on preK-12 peer teaching and let us help.
  5. Create teacher-to-teacher support systems within your school building to devise ways that your students can grow in their teaching skills as they move through the grades.
  6. Reflect on your earliest memories of teaching and share them with us.
  7. Start a YouthTeachUSA program in your classroom and school. Click on the YouthTeachUSA link on the left.

Here are some examples of things to do:

  • Describe peer-teaching actions at different ages and grade levels
  • Catalogue the ways students listen, respond, guide, question, interact and assess the inquiries, questions and learning problems of peers
  • Analyze and compare current classroom practices that provide opportunities for students to teach other students
  • Share effective peer-teaching strategies
  • Collect materials in the form of teacher observations, video clips, analyses of student interactions during peer-teaching/learning
  • Talk with your grade-level or subject-area team about the teaching abilities of your students
  • Lead meetings and give workshops on peer teaching
  • Participate in our password-controlled Internet discussion list after you join our Professional Partners
  • Discuss and encourage practices that motivate and improve teaching abilities in K-12 students
  • Do action research on activities and processes that challenge students with outstanding teaching abilities or that improve the teaching skills of all students, and share your report through our web site
  • Invite teachers to field test related curriculum ideas
  • Review drafts of Hoenny Center-developed materials for teachers
  • Include teaching/sharing/leadership skill development as a topic in your parent conferences

Questions? Contact Mary Bickel, Hoenny Center Program Coordinator, at MEBickel@aol.com.

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