Vision and Mission


To understand and improve teaching by elementary and secondary school students through research, consultation, field trials, and dissemination of information. We are creating research-based guidelines for professional teachers to use in developing teaching abilities in all K-12 students; and we disseminate the guidelines through this web site, consultations, workshops, and presentations. In addition, for students who are interested in becoming professional teachers, we offer YouthTeachUSA, a set of phased challenges designed to expand their skills, test their resolve, and strengthen their interest.


Our nation’s social and economic future depends on good schools, and our children’s economic success depends upon a good education. Learning to teach should be part of it, starting at early ages. Teaching something helps one learn it. Learning to teach aids children and youth to make better contributions in their own academic and social lives. Teaching effectively is basic to good parenting and productive community leadership. It is important in all occupations where people interact with the public and instruct others within the occupational group. And yet, our society delays the systematic development of effective teaching skills in people until they are adults, and our system confines that development to pre-service professional teachers.

This must change.

The Hoenny Center envisions a future in which professional teachers work knowledgeably, deliberately, and supportively to nurture teaching abilities in all people at all stages in the educational process.

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