Research project grants

Action Research Project Grants

Hoenny Center Project Awards for Teachers

Purpose: Hoenny Center Project Awards are intended to promote and recognize preK-12 classroom (action) research projects in the area of peer teaching.

Amount: A maximum of five awards will be given yearly—up to $500 per project.

Expectations: Proposals for a project award must meet the following expectations to be considered for funding:

1. The applicant is a professional educator in a full-time position teaching at any level from preKindergarten through 12th grade.

2. The applicant will carry out the project him/herself.

3. Data gathering and report submission can be completed in about six months.

4. The project consists of gathering and summarizing data related to a professional question of interest to the teacher within the general area of peer teaching/learning in the classroom. However, preference will be given to projects involving the analysis of a) descriptions of individual differences in students' teaching abilities; b) attempts by the teacher to improve students' teaching abilities; or c) reflections by students on the motivations, rewards, and/or strategies of helping other students learn.

5. The scope of the project should be such that it will take from four to ten weeks to complete the in-class part of it. To illustrate: there is a report in the "Research" section of our web site on a project in an AP calculus class at The teacher assigned calculus topics to students, helped them to develop review pages for the class and teach the topic, collected the pages into a review booklet for the AP calculus exam, and gave the students some reflective questions about the experience. The report documents and analyzes this work; other reports can be downloaded  using the link earlier in this paragraph. E-mail us with your questions or ideas.

6. The report is due 60 days after the planned conclusion date of the data-gathering phase of the project. Awarding of the stipend carries the author's permission for the report to be disseminated on the web site and in other publications of The Hoenny Center for Research and Development in Teaching.

Applications: 1) If you haven't already done so, email with information about your teaching position, contact information, and brief description of your project idea. 2) If the project seems germane to our interests and is of sufficient scope, 3) we will email an outline and questionnaire for you to submit for your final project proposal, due July 1.

Deadline: July 1 is the deadline for receipt of final project proposals. Awards will be announced by August 31.

Information: J. Terry Gates, Ed.D., President/CEO; The Hoenny Center; PO Box 9388; St. Louis, MO 63117-0388.   314.567.5111

The Hoenny Center is committed to a policy of equal opportunity in all of its collaborations.

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