Program ideals

Good future-teacher programs are not built all at once. However, here are some action ideals from our visits with program leaders and students, our national and local studies, and our observations. The best of these programs have a major portion of these Hoenny Center standards:

The best future-teacher programs:

  • Are led by a charismatic teacher with some release time, two to three periods per week for each 25 active future educator program participants.
  • Require at least 50 hours of mentored tutoring and group instruction during high school.
  • Challenge members to understand and recall basic professional knowledge content.
  • Engage participants in college-bound academics, exploration of college teacher education options, preparation for admission, and motivation toward teacher certification.
  • Maintain an active connection with at least one nearby college/university teacher education program.
  • Have an entry process based on an application/interview that challenges the student's motives and explores their strengths.
  • Recruit by referral from teachers in the building.
  • Require high levels of daily school attendance (95% or higher) and achievement (3.0 GPA or higher in a college-preparation program).
  • Require an introductory workshop on tutoring for all new participants, as well as periodic required workshops or classes for continuing participants.
  • Articulate a curriculum of teaching content, program requirements, and honors for students who complete the program.
  • Motivate and reward participants who build a teaching portfolio that includes consistent journaling of teaching experiences.
  • Create print publications, posters, and videos about the program, and give presentations about the program for school and community groups.
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