National Summit 2012

National Summit on Teaching Sponsored by The Hoenny Center in collaboration with the Cooperative Learning Institute, Edina, Minnesota. June 6-8, 2012 - Minneapolis, Minnesota Hoenny Center leaders J. Terry Gates and Mary E. Bickel, supported by their board, initiated a conversation with cooperative learning experts Roger T. Johnson and David W. Johnson to explore a question teachers often ask us: Are peer teaching and cooperative learning the same things? We agreed to convene a Summit of invited practitioners, researchers, and policy makers to focus on that question. The Summit was held in Minneapolis, Minnesota from 6-8 June 2012. Twenty participants accepted the organizers' invitation.

Left to right:
Front row: Wendy Troxel, Marcella Wine-Snyder, Kira Hamann, Anni Krummel, Jerri Davenport
Second row: Josalynn Agnew, Lori Myers, Mary E. Bickel, Barbara Varnell, Ingrid Caldwell
Third row: Roger Johnson, David Johnson, Sara Fabick, Edye Holubec, Jennifer Hope, Steve Brandick
Fourth row: Gerald Sroufe, Terry Gates, Peter Hodne, Scott Hagin

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