Peer teaching. That's The Hoenny Center's sole focus.

Peer teaching! When kids collaborate to learn, your teaching is magnified!

Peer teaching! When kids teach each other, magic happens!

Kids help each other learn every day. Together, we can help them do it better.


The Spotlight is on Missouri's A+ Tutoring Program

25 March 2014

Columbia College in Columbia, Missouri.

Missouri A+ tutors and coordinators share tutoring successes, get tutoring tips, hear great speakers, and network. We call it MoCAPT.

Keynote speakers:

Judge Jimmie Edwards – Nationally recognized for his work with at-risk youth, motivating them toward better lives by finishing school and making better choices.

Ryan Moran – Well-known inspirational speaker and comic for high school-age people: motivating, exciting, entertaining; "speaks directly to me," said one student.

Workshops and networking:

Sessions with in-the-trenches experts on topics that lead to even more successful tutoring, increased tutee achievement, smooth college transition, inspired peer leadership. College exhibits during registration and lunch.



Call 314.567.5111 or e-mail for a brochure on research-verified benefits of peer teaching.

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